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ISSP 1986 - "Social Networks and Support Systems" - ZA No. 1620

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The latest data set version (1988/ 13.04.2010) : ZA1620 (v1.0.0), doi:10.4232/1.1620

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Note: In Ireland, the 1986 (Social Networks and Support Systems) and the 1987 (Social Inequality) ISSP modules have been conducted together with the ISSP 1989 module on 'Work Orientations' in 1989. The Irish data for the ISSP modules 1986 and 1987 are not included in the integrated files for 1986 and 1987. Data from Slovenia also is not included in the integrated file due to missing variables (only a few variables of the ISSP 1986 are available). The original data and documentation files from Ireland and Slovenia for ISSP 1986 can be however downloaded as separate data files under the study numbers ZA1303 and ZA1784.

Participating countries

Sample size

Year of fieldwork


Australia 1250 1987   AU86
Austria 1027 1986 weights provided AT86
Great Britain 1416 1986 weights provided GB86
Hungary 1747 1986 age-group oversample HU86
Ireland 972 1989 not included in integrated file (see note) IE86
Italy 1027 1987 weights provided IT86
Slovenia 2241 1987 not included in integrated file (see note)  
USA 1470 1986   US86
West Germany 2809 1986 weights provided DE86