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International Social Survey Programme

Work Orientations

The ISSP Work Orientations module series comprises four surveys conducted in 1989, 1997, 2005 and 2015. Successive surveys are always partial replications of earlier surveys.

ISSP Work Orientations modules mainly deal with issues, such as employment arrangements, job characteristics, subjective experience of job, outcome of work, work-life balance, work centrality, and solidarity and conflict in work relations.

Overview of questions, variables and replications over the ISSP Work Orientations module series (542 kB) (PDF)

Participating countries 1989 1997 2005 2015
Australia     X X
Austria X (X)   X
Bangladesh   X    
Belgium     X X
Bulgaria   X X  
Canada   X X  
Chile       X
China       X
Croatia       X
Cyprus   X X X
Czech Republic   X X X
Denmark   X X X
Dominican Republic     X  
Estonia       X
Finland     X X
France   X X X
Germany X X X X
Great Britain X X X X
Hungary X X X X
Iceland       X
India       X
Ireland X (X) X  
Israel X X X X
Italy X X    
Japan   X X X
Latvia     X X
Lithuania       X
Mexico     X X
Netherlands X X X  
New Zealand   X X X
Northern Ireland X      
Norway X X X X
Philippines   X X X
Poland   X   X
Portugal   X X  
Russia   X X X
Slovakia       X
Slovenia   X X X
South Africa     X X
South Korea     X  
Spain   X X X
Suriname       X
Sweden   X X X
Switzerland   X X X
Taiwan     X X
Venezuela       X

(X) = Not integrated, but available on request