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International Social Survey Programme

Search Facilities and Data Access

The GESIS search provides direct access to ISSP data and documentation materials for retrieval and download from the GESIS data catalog.

Documentation materials include study monitoring and variable reports/ codebooks, basic questionnaires (in English), and country specific materials as printable PDF files. Downloads are free of charge. Documentation materials are freely available, the download of data sets (SPSS, STATA) requires registration.

All ISSP studies are accessible via the tab ‘Research data’ in the GESIS Search interface. The filter ‘Study Title’ will take you to a specific ISSP study and its study description. Each study description contains substantial and methodological information, including information on the origin of the data, the version history with version-related errata, and citation.

Detailed variable documentation for the integrated and cumulated ISSP data is available under the tab ‘Variables’. This includes search facilities across all questions and variables of these ISSP data sets with question texts, response categories, and, if available, frequency tables or cross tabulations.

In addition, publications based on ISSP data can be found under the tab ‘Publications’.

(For more information about the search modalities, see FAQ.)

Bibliographic citation of ISSP research data

ISSP Research Group (2022): International Social Survey Programme: Social Inequality V - ISSP 2019. GESIS, Cologne. ZA7600 Data file Version 3.0.0, doi:10.4232/1.14009.