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Metadata for Official Statistics

Welcome to MISSY

MISSY (Microdata Information System) is an online service platform that provides structured metadata for official statistics. MISSY includes metadata at the study and variable level as well as reports and tools for data handling and analysis. All documentation in MISSY refers to microdata available for scientific purposes. MISSY currently documents the following official statistics microdata:


National Data

  • MZ (German microcensus)


  • EU-LFS (European Union Labour Force Survey)
  • EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions)

  • AES (Adult Education Survey) (no longer updated)
  • CIS (Community Innovation Survey) (no longer updated)
  • SES (Structure of Earnings Survey) (no longer updated)


MISSY is part of the service infrastructure of the German Microdata Lab.



The objective of MISSY is to support empirical researchers in their work with data from official statistics. The metadata provided facilitate both the findability and the analysis of the data. MISSY follows the FAIR criteria (see also Bohr, J., Balz, A., Thirolf, F., & Zloch, M. (2018): Microdata Information System MISSY: Benefits for Research with Official Microdata, DDI-based Implementation and Evaluation with Regard to the FAIR Criteria [.pdf]).


Please note:
The European datasets are exclusively documented in English. The documentation of the Microcensus is available both in German and (partly) in English.