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Metadata for Official Statistics

Project History

The first MISSY project started in 2003. Several projects, funded by different public institutions such as the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the DFG (German Research Foundation), helped to improve the accessibility of documentation of official microdata and related services continuously. The following sections contain a short description of the development of MISSY so far.



MISSY (pilot study)

Period of time2003 to 2006
CoverageGerman Microcensus Scientific Use Files 1995 and 1997
  • Prototype for an online information system
  • Development of data model to represent all relative metadata of the German microcensus
  • Implementation of a "variable-availability-matrix" to identify breaks in comparability over time
TeamJeanette Bohr, Nadja Granato (Lead), Andrea Janßen (Lead), Achim Wackerow



Period of time2008 to 2009
CoverageGerman Microcensus Scientific Use Files since 1973
  • Integration of all available microcensus scientific use files
  • Addition of complementary services for data-preparation and -analysis
  • Adoption of DDI standards in metadata structure
  • Update of the technological infrastructure
  • Development of desktop application to enter data in the MISSY datadase
CooperationGerman Federal Office (Statistisches Bundesamt), Group VIII C

Jeanette Bohr, Nina Chudziak, Oliver Hopt, Andrea Lengerer, Julia H. Schroedter, Andias Wira-Alam, Christof Wolf (Lead)



Period of time2011 to 2014
CoverageOfficial microdata of European statistics
  • Extension of metadata units on variable level
  • Expansion of structured documentation on study level
  • Coverage of multiple series
  • Change of the MISSY Editor from desktop to web-based application
  • Development of different import and export interfaces
CooperationDwB (Data without Boundaries)
TeamJeanette Bohr, Thomas Bosch, Florian Thirolf, Alina Weber, Christof Wolf (Lead), Matthäus Zloch