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The classification of education CASMIN

The CASMIN scale was applied to the Microcensuses since 1976, the 1970 Census, and the 1971 Microcensus additional programme, so that largely comparable educational data are available for a period of over 40 years.

  • Lechert, Yvonne; Schroedter, Julia; Lüttinger, Paul (2006): Die Umsetzung der Bildungsklassifikation CASMIN für die Volkszählung 1970, die Mikrozensus- Zusatzerhebung 1971 und die Mikrozensen 1976-2004. ZUMA-Methodenbericht 2006/12. [.pdf]
  • König, Wolfgang; Lüttinger, Paul; Müller, Walter (1988): A Comparative Analysis of the Development and Structure of Educational Systems. Methodological foundations and the construction of a comparative educational scale. CASMIN-Working Paper No. 12. [.pdf]

Download the programs for the application of the CASMIN educational classification

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Microcensus additional survey 1971 [.sps] [.do]
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