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The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 1997

Application to the 1976-2011 Microcensuses, the 1970 Census, and the 1971 Microcensus additional programme

The operationalization of the ISCED scale has been done for the Microcensuses 1976-2006, the Census 1970, as well as for the Microcensus additional survey 1971. Therefore, educational information is comparable for a time span of more than 30 years.

Schroedter, Julia H.; Lechert, Yvonne; Lüttinger, Paul (2006): Die Umsetzung der Bildungsskala ISCED-1997 für die Volkszählung 1970, die Mikrozensus- Zusatzerhebung 1971 und die Mikrozensen 1976-2004. ZUMA-Methodenbericht 2006/08. [.pdf]

Download the programs for the application of the ISCED 1997 classification of education

Please note:

The setups should be downloaded and used with statistics programs. The browser view provides only an overview. Characters with an Umlaut and line breaks are sometimes displayed incorrectly.

Scientific Use Files
Mikrozensus 2013 mz13_isced_gml.sps mz13_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2012 mz12_isced_gml.sps mz12_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2011 mz11_isced_gml.sps mz11_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2010 mz10_isced_gml.sps mz10_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2009 mz09_isced_gml.sps mz09_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2008 mz08_isced_gml.sps mz08_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2007 mz07_isced_gml.sps mz07_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2006 mz06_isced_gml.sps mz06_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2005 mz05_isced_gml.sps mz05_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2004 mz04_isced_gml.sps mz04_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2003 [Classification of the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt)]* mz03_isced_destatis.sps mz03_isced_destatis.do
Microcensus 2003 mz03_isced_gml.sps mz03_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2002 mz02_isced_gml.sps mz02_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2001 mz01_isced_gml.sps mz01_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 2000 mz00_isced_gml.sps mz00_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1999 mz99_isced_gml.sps mz99_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1998 mz98_isced_gml.sps mz98_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1997 mz97_isced_gml.sps mz97_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1996 mz96_isced_gml.sps mz96_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1995 mz95_isced_gml.sps mz95_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1993 mz93_isced_gml.sps mz93_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1991 mz91_isced_gml.sps mz91_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1989 mz89_isced_gml.sps mz89_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1989 mz89_isced_gml.sps mz89_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1987 mz87_isced_gml.sps mz87_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1985 mz85_isced_gml.sps mz85_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1982 mz82_isced_gml.sps mz82_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1980 mz80_isced_gml.sps mz80_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1978 mz78_isced_gml.sps mz78_isced_gml.do
Microcensus 1976 mz76_isced_gml.sps mz76_isced_gml.do
Microcensus additional survey 1971 mzu71_isced_GESIS_gml.sps mzu71_isced_GESIS_gml.do
Census 1970 vz70_isced_GESIS_gml.sps vz70_isced_GESIS_gml.do

* As the German Microdata Lab (GML) application of the ISCED classification of education differs slightly from that of the Federal Statistical Office, we make its specification available for one point in time (2003 Microcensus), thereby enabling users to make a direct comparison. For details of the differences between the classifications, see the ZUMA-Methodenbericht (ZUMA Methodological Report) 2006/08.