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The International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status (ISEI)

The application of the International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status (ISEI) to the microcensuses from 1996 onwards

Contact: Tobias Roth

Download the programs for the application of ISEI

Please note:

The setups should be downloaded and used with statistics programs. The browser view provides only an overview. Characters with an Umlaut and line breaks are sometimes displayed incorrectly.

SPSS Stata
Microcensus 2016 [isei_mz_16_isco08.sps] [isei_mz_16_isco08.do]
Microcensus 2015 [isei_mz_15_isco08.sps] [isei_mz_15_isco08.do]
Microcensus 2014 [isei_mz_14_isco08.sps] [isei_mz_14_isco08.do]
Microcensus 2013 [isei_mz_13_isco08.sps] [isei_mz_13_isco08.do]
Microcensus 2012 [isei_mz_12_isco08.sps]
Microcensus 2011 [isei_mz_11_isco08.sps]
Microcensus 2010 [isei_mz_10.sps] [isei_mz_10.do]
Microcensus 2009 [isei_mz_09.sps] [isei_mz_09.do]
Microcensus 2008 [isei_mz_08.sps] [isei_mz_08.do]
Microcensus 2007 [isei_mz_07.sps] [isei_mz_07.do]
Microcensus 2006 [isei_mz_06.sps] [isei_mz_06.do]
Microcensus 2005 [isei_mz_05.sps] [isei_mz_05.do]
Microcensus 1996-2004 [isei_mz_96_04.sps] [isei_mz_96-04.do]

Further information (available only in German)

Schimpl-Neimanns, Bernhard (2004): Zur Umsetzung des Internationalen Sozioökonomischen Index des beruflichen Status (ISEI), ZUMA-Nachrichten (54): 154-170. [.pdf]
Umsteigeschlüssel von ISCO-88 (COM) zu ISEI [.pdf]