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Identification of opposite-sex and same-sex partnerships

The microcensus represents a suitable database for the investigation of forms of life based on partnership. SPSS programs are made available in order to consistently identify partnership lifestyles in the scientific use files of the microcensus over all survey years. These programmes define different forms of living together in partnership in a common household. In addition to living together in a marriage and in a registered civil partnership, this applies above all to unmarried cohabitation with a partner of different or the same sex, which has only been recorded in the microcensus since 1996. With the programmes provided, the unmarried cohabitation can also be approximately delimited in the years before 1996 and thus examined on a long-term basis.

  • Lengerer, Andrea (2019): Mikrozensus Tools. Identifikation verschieden- und gleichgeschlechtlicher Partnerschaften in den Scientific Use Files 1973 bis 2014. GESIS Papers 2019/09. [Link]

Contact: Andrea Lengerer

Download of the programs for the identification of different and same-sex partnerships

Note: The programs for the individual survey years of the Microcensus are made available here. There is also a second version of the programs for integration into the GESIS Microcensus Trend File. [Link]


Scientific Use Files

Mikrozensus 2019 [Part_MZ19.sps]
Mikrozensus 2018 [Part_MZ18.sps]
Microcensus 2017 [Part_MZ17.sps]
Microcensus 2016 [Part_MZ16.sps]
Microcensus 2015 [Part_MZ15.sps]
Microcensus 2014 [Part_MZ14.sps]
Microcensus 2013 [Part_MZ13.sps]
Microcensus 2012 [Part_MZ12.sps]
Microcensus 2011 [Part_MZ11.sps]
Microcensus 2010 [Part_MZ10.sps]
Microcensus 2009 [Part_MZ09.sps]
Microcensus 2008 [Part_MZ08.sps]
Microcensus 2007 [Part_MZ07.sps]
Microcensus 2006 [Part_MZ06.sps]
Microcensus 2005 [Part_MZ05.sps]
Microcensus 2004 [Part_MZ04.sps]
Microcensus 2003 [Part_MZ03.sps]
Microcensus 2002 [Part_MZ02.sps]
Microcensus 2001 [Part_MZ01.sps]
Microcensus 2000 [Part_MZ00.sps]
Microcensus 1999 [Part_MZ99.sps]
Microcensus 1998 [Part_MZ98.sps]
Microcensus 1997 [Part_MZ97.sps]
Microcensus 1996 [Part_MZ96.sps]
Microcensus 1995 [Part_MZ95.sps]
Microcensus 1993 [Part_MZ93.sps]
Microcensus 1991 [Part_MZ91.sps]
Microcensus 1989 [Part_MZ89.sps]
Microcensus 1987 [Part_MZ87.sps]
Microcensus 1985 [Part_MZ85.sps]
Microcensus 1982 [Part_MZ82.sps]
Microcensus 1980 [Part_MZ80.sps]
Microcensus 1978 [Part_MZ78.sps]
Microcensus 1976 [Part_MZ76.sps]
Microcensus 1973 [Part_MZ73.sps]