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Metadata for Official Statistics

Typologies and Bandsatzerweiterungen

Simon Börlin

The German Microcensus (MC) is the official household survey for information on the population and the labour market. It is designed as a single-stage cluster sample with a sampling rate of one percent. All households and persons living in the selected clusters are surveyed as observation units. Therefore, information on all secondary survey units is available. In addition to the persons of a household or collective dwelling, these are the units household, form of life and family. In order to analyse these different levels, some classifications, so-called "Bandsatzergänzungen", are subsequently generated by the Federal Statistical Office on the basis of the directly collected questions. In order to simplify the data preparation, the Scientific Use File (SUF) of the MC from 2015 onwards no longer includes such classifications in the data provided. These classifications can be relevant for many research questions. However, they mainly include information that can be generated from other variables contained in the data. That is why this introduction uses the data from MC SUF 2014 to describe how the relevant classifications can be generated independently on the basis of existing variables.

  • Börlin, Simon (2019): Einführung in die eigenständige Erstellung von Typisierungen am Beispiel des Mikrozensus Scientific Use Files 2014. GESIS Papers 20202/01). [.pdf]

Download of the Syntax

Andrea Lengerer & Jeanette Bohr & Andrea Janßen

  • Lengerer, Andrea; Bohr, Jeanette; Janßen, Andrea (2005): Haushalte, Familien und Lebensformen im Mikrozensus - Konzepte und Typisierungen. ZUMA-Arbeitsbericht 5/2005. [.pdf]

see also:

  • Lengerer, Andrea; Janßen, Andrea; Bohr, Jeanette (2007): Familiensoziologische Analysepotenziale des Mikrozensus. In: Zeitschrift für Familienforschung, 19, S. 186-209. [.pdf]

since Mikrozensus 1996

Andrea Lengerer & Mara Boehle

Construction of derived variables on household and family within the microcensus 1995

Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns & Karen Schmidt

(ZUMA, Mannheim, Mai 1997)

Available for download: This text including SPSS instructions for the generation of Bandsatzerweiterungen (variables that characterise the household as a wholederived variables) .

Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns

Schimpl-Neimanns, Bernhard, und Tony Siegel (2011): Typisierung des Haupteinkommensbeziehers im Mikrozensus 1996-2004. GESIS-Technical Report 2011/07 [.pdf]

Download der Programme

Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns

Jäger, Delia, und Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns (2012): Typisierung des Migrationshintergrundes in den Mikrozensus Scientific-Use-Files 2005-2009. GESIS-Technical Report 2012/08 [.pdf]

Download of the programs (incl. conversion table)


Die folgenden Dokumente enthalten eine Auflistung der Typisierungen und Bandsatzerweiterungen im jeweiligen Mikrozensus-Jahrgang, sowie eine Beschreibung der Generierung der jeweiligen Variablen

1997 [.pdf]
1995 [.pdf]