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Thematic Concepts over Time: MZ

A complete intertemporal correspondence is not always given since the questions and categories changed over time. The fields highlighted in blue and marked with "r" in front of the variable name mark those survey dates for which no corresponding variable exists. Therefore, those variables are listed in fields which provide comparability in most cases.

In addition, a number of typifications in the Scientific Use Files of the German Microcensus will no longer be included in the data provided from the 2015 survey period onwards due to the simplification of data preparation. However, they mainly include information that can be generated from other variables contained in the data. The report "Introduction to the independent generation of classifications using the example of the German Microcensus Scientific Use Files 2014" (Börlin 2020) shows, using the example of MZ SUF 2014, how these classifications can be generated independently on the basis of existing variables available in the data. In addition, the syntax contained in the report is provided for the statistical programs Stata, SPSS and SAS.

Download the complete matrix in xlsx format (in German): Variablen im Zeitverlauf MZ-SUF 1973-2021.xlsx



Themes and thematic concepts