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Variables over time: SES

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  • 2006
  • 2002


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  • Local Unit Characteristics
  • Employee Characteristics
  • Earnings
  • Hours paid and days not worked
  • Grossing-up factors
  • File Characteristics

  2006 2002

1 Local Unit Characteristics

2006 2002
Region A11 A11
Size of the enterprise to which the local unit belongs A12 A12
Size of the enterprise to which the local unit belongs (class) A12_CLASS A12_CLASS
Economic activity A13 A13
NACE nace nace
Economic and Financial control A14 A14
Collective Pay Agreement A15 A15
Total number of employees in the local unit A16 A16
Principal market for the enterprise's products A17 A17
Size of the group of enterprises   A18
Country of residence controlling the group of enterprises   A19
Key identifying the enterprise    
Key identifying the local unit KEY_L KEY_L
Affiliation of the local unit to a group    

2 Employee Characteristics

2006 2002
Sex B21 B21
Age (in years)    
Age (class) B22_CLASS B22_CLASS
Occupation B23 B23
Management position / supervisory position B24 B24
Highest completed level of education and training B25 B25
Length of service in enterprise (in years) B26 B26
Full-time or part-time employee B27 B27
% share of a full-timer's normal hours B271 B271
Type of employment contract B28 B28
Coverage by a government scheme designed to promote employment   B210
Total of career break (given in months)   B211
Key identifying the employee KEY_E KEY_E

3 Earnings

2006 2002
Average gross hourly earnings in the reference month B43 B30
Total gross earnings in reference month B42 B31
Earnings related to overtime B421 B311
Special payments for shift work B422 B312
Total gross annual earnings in the reference year B41 B32
Number of weeks to which the gross annual earnings relate B31 B321
Total Annual Bonuses B411 B322
Regular bonuses paid not at every pay PERIOD   B3221
Annual bonuses based on productivity   B3222
Annual premiums related to profit sharing   B3223
Compulsory social contributions and taxes paid by the employer B423 B33
Compulsory social security contributions B4231 B331
Taxes B4232 B332
Annual estimation for payment in kind B412 B36

4 Hours paid and days not worked

2006 2002
Number of hours paid during the representative month B32 B34
Number of overtime hours paid in the representative month B321 B341
Annual days of absence   B35
Annual days of holiday leave (in full days) B33 B351
Normal annual holiday entitlement (E) or Days of leave actually taken (T)   B3511
Annual days of sick leave   B352
Annual days of sick leave paid by the employer   B3521
Annual days of sick leave not paid by the employer   B3522
Annual days of vocational training   B353
Other annual days of paid absence B34  

5 Grossing-up factors

2006 2002
Grossing-up factor for local units A51 A41
Grossing-up factor for employees B52 B42

6 File Characteristics

2006 2002
Country country country