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Study: AES 2016


Title 2016 Adult Education Survey (AES)


"The aim for the 2016 AES is to further streamline and improve the data collection on adult participation in lifelong learning by both focusing on priority topics and adapting the current content to new policy needs.
According to the European statistical programme 2013-2017, the development of statistics provided on education and training includes a ‘rationalisation and modernisation of the Adult Education Survey’. The setting up of the Task Force on the 2016 AES was an essential element to define the requirements for the 2016 AES data collection in a way that takes changes and new developments in lifelong learning into account while keeping coherence with 2011 AES where appropriate. The final Commission Regulation was adopted and released in October 2014."

(Eurostat (2017): 2016 AES manual - Annexes. Version 2)


Geographical Coverage

"The 2016 AES scientific use file include microdata of 32 countries: BE, BG, CZ, DK, DE, EE, EL, ES, FR, HR, IT, CY, LV, LT, LU, HU, MT, NL, AT, PL, PT, RO, SI, SK, FI, SE, UK, NO, CH, MK, BA and RS. Microdata from IE are not yet available. The total net sample size for the 32 countries is about 235 000 individuals. Some national samples include individuals aged less than 25 or more than 64 and these are included in the anonymised microdata.

Iceland and Liechtenstein did not take part in the 2016 AES. Albania and Turkey implemented an AES in 2016 but data are not available in the scientific use files because the national authorities did not allow for this dissemination."


Time Period Covered





Country Specific Information: AES 2016