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Dataset: CIS 4 - Cross-sectional





Variable List: CIS 4 - Cross-sectional

RTOT_MSK - Total for four expenditure categories
C_HO - Country of head office
NACE_PRO - Main activity
SIZE04 - Total number of employees in 2004
SIZE02 - Total number of employees in 2002
ID - Name of enterprise
WEIGHT - Weighting factors
COUNTRY - Country
RRDINXM - Expenditure in intramural R&D
RRDEXXM - Expenditure in extramural R&D
RMACXM - Expenditure in acquisition of machinery
ROEKXM - Expenditure in other external knowledge
TURN02M - Total turnover in 2002
TURN04M - Total turnover in 2004
GP - Enterprise part of a group
MARLOC - Local/regional market
MARNAT - National I market
MAREUR - Other EU/EFTA/CC market
MAROTH - All other countries
INPDGD - Introduced onto the market a new or significantly improved good
INPDSV - Introduced onto the market a new or significantly improved service
INPDTW - Who mainly developed these products
NEWMKT - Did the enterprise introduce a product new to the market
TURNMAR - % of turnover in new or improved products introduced during 2002-2004 that were new to the market
TURNIN - % of turnover in unchanged or marginally modified products during 2002-2004 that were new to the firm
TURNUNG - % of turnover in unchanged or marginally modified products during 2002-2004
INPSPD - Introduced onto the market a new or significantly improved method of production
INPSLG - Introduced onto the market a new or significantly improved logistic, delivery or distribution system
INPSSU - Introduced onto the market a new or significantly improved supporting activities
INPCSW - Who mainly developed these processes
INONAB - Enterprise with ongoing or abandoned innovation activities
RRDIN - Engagement in intramural R&D
RDENG - Type of engagement in R&D
RRDEX - Engagement in extramural R&D
RMAC - Engagement in acquisition of machinery
ROEK - Engagement in other external knowledge
RTR - Engagement in training
RMAR - Engagement in market introduction of innovation
RPRE - Engagement in other preparation
FUNLOC - Public funding from local ro regional authorities
FUNGMT - Public funding from central government
FUNEU - Public funding from the EU
FUNRTD - Funding from EU's 5th of 6th RTD
SENTG - Sources from within the enterprise or enterprise group
SSUP - Sources from Suppliers of equipment, materials, etc
SCLI - Sources from Clients or customers
SCOM - Sources from Competitors and other enterprises of same industry
SINS - Sources from consultants, commercial labs or private R&D institutes
SUNI - Sources from Universities or other higher education institutes
SGMT - Sources from Government or public research institutes
SCON - Sources from professional conferences, trade fairs, meetings
SJOU - Sources from Scientific journals, trade/scientific publications
SPRO - Sources from Professional and industry associations
CO - Cooperation arrangements on innovation activities
CO11 - Other enterprises within enterprise group:National
CO12 - Other enterprises within enterprise group:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO13 - Other enterprises within enterprise group:US
CO14 - Other enterprises within enterprise group:Other countries
CO21 - Suppliers of equipment, etc:National
CO22 - Suppliers of equipment, etc:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO23 - Suppliers of equipment, etc:US
CO24 - Suppliers of equipment, etc:Other countries
CO31 - Clients or customers:National
CO32 - Clients or customers:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO33 - Clients or customers:US
CO34 - Clients or customers:Other countries
CO41 - Competitors or other firms ...:National
CO42 - Competitors or other firms ...:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO43 - Competitors or other firms ...:US
CO44 - Competitors or other firms ...:Other countries
CO51 - Consultants, commercial labs, private R&D institutes:National
CO52 - Consultants, commercial labs, private R&D institutes:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO53 - Consultants, commercial labs, private R&D institutes:US
CO54 - Consultants, commercial labs, private R&D institutes:Other countries
CO61 - Universities or other ...:National
CO62 - Universities or other ...:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO63 - Universities or other ...:US
CO64 - Universities or other ...:Other countries
CO71 - Government or public research institutes:National
CO72 - Government or public research institutes:EU/EFTA/EU-CC
CO73 - Government or public research institutes:US
CO74 - Government or public research institutes:Other countries
PMOS - Most important co-operation partner
ERANGE - Increased range of goods or services
EMAR - Increased market or market share
EQUA - Improved quality in goods or services
EFLEX - Improved production flexibility
ECAP - Increased production capacity
ELBR - Reduced labour costs per produced unit
EMAT - Reduced materials and energy per produced unit
EENV - Reduced environmental impact or health and safety aspects
ESTD - Met regulations or standards
HCON - Innovation activity abandoned at concept stage
HBEG - Innovation activity abandoned after the activity/project begun
HDLAY - Innovation activity seriously delayed
HFENT - Hampering factor: Lack of funds within enterprises or ent. group
HFOUT - Hampering factor : Lack of outside funds
HCOS - Hampering factor : Innovation costs too high
HPER - Hampering factor : Lack of qualified personnel
HTEC - Hampering factor : Lack of information on technology
HINF - Hampering factor : Lack of information on markets
HPAR - Hampering factor : Difficulty in finding co-operation partners
HDOM - Hampering factor : Market dominated by established enterprises
HDEM - Hampering factor: Uncertain demand for innovative goods/services
HPRIOR - No innovation activity due to prior innovations
HMAR - No innovation activity due to no demand for innovations
PROPAT - Applied for a patent
PRODSG - Registered an industrial design
PROTM - Register a trademark
PROCP - Claimed copyright
ORGSYS - Introduce improved knowledge management system
ORGSTR - Introduce change to work organisation
ORGREL - Introduce a change in relations with other firms...
MKTDES - Introduce significant design/packaging changes
MKTMET - Introduce significantly changed sales/distribution methods
EFORED - Reduced time to respond to customers needs
EFORQU - Improved quality of goods/services
EFORCO - Reduced costs per unit output
EFORSA - Improved employee satisfaction
NEWFRM - Did the enterprise introduce a product new to the firm
RPREXM - Expenditure in other preparation
RTRXM - Expenditure in training
RMARXM - Expenditure in market introduction of innovation
STRB - Stratum of the enterprise when sampling
STRA - Stratum of the enterprise according to the questionnaire