Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

Example PIAAC Tasks

Many of the tasks that you are asked to complete will be familiar to you from your daily life.


Reading and understanding


•    Read a brochure about public transport at a holiday destination and answer questions about the choices.
•    Compare different websites on health issues and find relevant information.
•    Read posts in a discussion forum and put the events in chronological order.
•    Look at the information on a medication package to find out how long the medication can be taken.


Using numbers


•    Determine the shortest route between two places using a map.
•    Calculate how much material is needed for a home repair.
•    Look at a graph and answer questions about the information shown.
•    Compare several special offers to find the best one.


Problem solving in everyday life


•    Exchange a product that was ordered online.
•    Organize a trip and look for the best connection.
•    Plan a celebration with friends and coordinate the dates.
•    Monitor a production machine and correct the machine settings.

You can find example tasks from PIAAC Cycle 1 here.