Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

Your Participation in the PIAAC Survey

Of the 54 million adults between 16 and 65 years of age living in Germany, several thousand have been randomly selected to be interviewed for PIAAC. You are one of them! You will receive a letter in which we kindly invite you to participate in the PIAAC survey.

An interviewer from the survey institute Kantar will contact you. The first contact is usually in person. The interviewer will either arrange an appointment for the interview or conduct the interview right away – whichever you prefer.


In the first part of the interview, the interviewer will ask you general questions about yourself, such as your education and training, your work experiences, and how frequently you use certain skills in your everyday life and at work.


In the second part of the interview, you will be asked to complete a number of everyday tasks on a tablet computer. You can find examples of possible tasks here.


We know that your time is very valuable. After completing the survey, you will receive 50 € in cash as a sign of our appreciation of your participation.

You have successfully participated in the PIAAC survey and have made an important contribution to the success of PIAAC in Germany. Your contribution will benefit labor market opportunities in our society and help improve the education system.



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