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Assessment of Adult Competencies

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The Research Data Center PIAAC (RDC PIAAC) informs on this website about the current PIAAC datasets. To download PIAAC data via the GESIS Data Catalogue (DBK), ordinarily a registration (Registration) and signing a data distribution contract is required. Several documents such as variable reports and questionnaires are available without registration. Furthermore, we offer PIAAC data users the possibility to work with more sensitive data (e.g., regional data) at our GESIS Secure Data Center (SDC).

If you have any questions regarding our offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.


PIAAC National
PIAAC International
Previous international literacy surveys


*** Complaints Office ***

FDZ PIAAC is accredited by RatSWD. RatSWD runs a complaints office for problems with the use of data that cannot be resolved with the appropriate person in the respective FDZ. For further details please visit the website RatSWD:

Methodical Advice

User Guide
  • The User Guide contains, for example, information about how to link data of the PIAAC Scientific Use Files to the PIAAC Public Use Files of other countries or to deal with plausible values and the replication weights.
  • Errata for the public use file are available on the OECD website.
  • Errata for the data sets provided by the RDC PIAAC are available in the data catalog under the menu item "Errata & Versions".
  • PIAAC Research Wiki & Discussion serves also as international discussion forum.

Tools for the analysis

Please note that special analysis software is required to account for the imputation of competence values and the complex sampling design. For this purpose various preconfigured analysis tools are available. 



National Result Reports (GESIS)
  • The national report (printed by Waxmann) contains the results of PIAAC 2012 from a German perspective. A summary of results is available in German (3.5 MB) and English (2.8 MB).

  • In PIAAC migration report (printed by Waxmann) contains the results with a focus on the population with a migration background in Germany and internationally.

Technical Reports

RDC Annual Reports

  • The Annual Report 2017 presents the available data sets and the activities of the Research Data Center PIAAC during 2017.
  • The Annual Report 2016 presents the available data sets and the activities of the Research Data Center PIAAC during 2016.
  • The Annual Report 2015 presents the available data sets and the activities of the Research Data Center PIAAC during 2015.
Additional PIAAC Material


Workshops 2019
Past Workshops
Data presentation on conferences

PIAAC Conferences



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PIAAC publication list (APA Style)

  • Link to list of all PIAAC publications and data sets we are aware of

*** Please report your publication based on PIAAC to the following mail address: ***

Search in the databases

On the webpage da|ra metadata you can search for certain data in the collection of registered research databases from the social and economic sciences.

Citation example of data sets

  • Rammstedt, B., Martin, S., Zabal, A., Konradt, I., Maehler, D., Perry, A., . . . Helmschrott, S. (2016). Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), Germany - Reduced Version. Data file version 2.2.0 [ZA5845]. Cologne: GESIS Data Archive. doi:10.4232/1.12660



Dr. Débora Maehler (Head of RDC)

Ingo Konradt

E-Mail: fdz-piaac(at)gesis(dot)org

Telefax: +49/621/1246-500

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Research Data Center PIAAC

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