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Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

Methodical Advice & Data Analysis Tools

PIAAC Methods Series

The Methods Series Analysis Scripts in Large-Scale Assessments in Education contains selected analysis scripts based on PIAAC data.

In addition, a digital platform - PIAAC scripts digital plattform - is available as an accompaniment to the Methods Series and provides existing analysis scripts (code, syntax) based on previous research with PIAAC data.

PIAAC User Guide

The User Guide contains information about how to link data of the PIAAC Scientific Use Files to the PIAAC Public Use Files of other countries and how to deal with plausible values and the replication weights.

Tools available for the analysis of PIAAC data

Please note that special analysis software is required to account for the imputation of competence values and the complex sampling design. For this purpose various preconfigured analysis tools are available:

International Data Explorer (IDE)


Examples of use:

International Database Analyzer (IDB Analyzer)


Examples of use:

Log Data Analyzer


Examples of use:

PIAAC data analysis examples using various statistical software
LEO data analysis examples

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