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Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

PIAAC Data Analyses: Examples using R

PIAAC makes use of (a) item-response theory (IRT) as a statistical framework to score and track adult literacy, and (b) complex sampling designs with, for example, groups of participants sampled from geographic localities, and individual participants sampled from households in those pooled localities. Therefore, the use of descriptive and multivariate statistics to analyze PIAAC data should account for both the use of IRT and the application of the complex sampling design. This introductory online tutorial and related R-script is dedicated to guiding analysts to undertake descriptive statistics for IRT-derived plausible values, and other non-IRT-derived variables in PIAAC.

Video 1 - PIAAC Data Analyses: Examples using R (Documentation available here)

Citation: Courtney, M.G.R & Nurumov, K. (2023). PIAAC Data Analyses: Examples using R. Online Tutorial, Video 1 - Descriptive Analyses. GESIS –Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Mannheim. Available at