Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

Data Confidentiality

Both national and international PIAAC results depend on the quality of the collected data, and data quality  depends on compliance with technical standards and guidelines. Another important facet is whether respondents are representative of the target population. In order to achieve an accurate representation of the current situation in each participating country and facilitate international comparisons, it is particularly important that all selected respondents actually participate in the survey. However, participation is – of course – voluntary and the rights of the respondents are fully respected.

The survey data are strictly confidential. All participating countries are obliged to implement the study in accordance with the prevailing statutory data protection regulations. In Germany, this means that all participating institutions and individuals have to comply with the rules of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and all other statutory data protection regulations. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties, and all results are analyzed and published in anonymized and aggregated form only. These measures ensure that it is not possible to identify an individual respondent in the data.

In addition to international guidelines and data protection regulations, the data protection officers of the participating institutions are responsible for ensuring that data privacy is maintained.