Programme for the International
Assessment of Adult Competencies

Quality Assurance

The international consortium has defined a broad set of detailed technical standards and guidelines for PIAAC which are to be implemented at the national level. Adherence to these standards at the national level is monitored by the international consortium. In Germany, the internationally defined quality assurance measures are supplemented by additional national requirements.

The international PIAAC standards reflect best practices in the area of survey design and methodology. Adherence to these standards ensures that the processes, the data collected, and the results are comparable across countries and that conclusions based on the PIAAC data are valid.

The international quality assurance covers the following areas:

  • adherence to ethical research practices
  • sample design and selection
  • translation and adaptation of survey instruments
  • IT infrastructure and integration of survey software into national IT systems
  • staff and organizational structure of the survey institute
  • interviewer training and interview validation
  • fieldwork monitoring
  • data management and verification
  • indicators of survey quality (e.g., response rate, nonresponse bias)
  • data confidentiality and data security