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About the Initiative

The iniative seeks to achieve the greatest possible transparency for published social science research. Authors of peer-reviewed publications in selected journals are encouraged to make the data and code underlying their research results accessible to enable replication of the results.

While documenting and sharing data and code may require some additional effort, this is outweighed by the benefits of this practice. Making the data and/or code accessible to other researchers for the purpose of replication helps to build transparency and trust in the scientific community. At the same time sharing the data and code can help to counteract publication bias as well as data manipulation. Replication studies can create additional value for the scientic community and the original data collector by forming the basis for cumulative research and by facilitating the creation of networks. By enabling the persistent identification of research data and/or code by means of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), facilitates the citation of research outputs and therefore makes it easier to credit the creators. uses the GESIS service SowiDataNet|datorium, allowing authors to describe and upload their data in a simple process. All data and code submitted to SowiDataNet|datorium is checked by a curator before publication, including aspects of data protection. Data and code are then made accessible in accordance with the access conditions selected by the depositors (note that journal guidelines may apply).

The project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hinz (University (Universität Konstanz and Zeitschrift für Soziologie) and Prof. Dr. Tobias Wolbring (University and und Soziale Welt).