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Applied Computer Science

In order to ensure a high level of quality of GESIS digital products and services in view of the rapid changes in information and knowledge technologies, GESIS conducts research in the field of applied informatics and information science.

The aim of this research area is to test, analyse, adapt, further develop and evaluate novel methods, models and algorithms of computer science in the application field of social sciences. A core component of this research area is, above all, the development of digital behavioural data such as data from social media or data generated by sensors for social science research. This is because the development and evaluation of methods for collecting, processing and analysing this new data expands the basis for answering social science questions. By implementing the knowledge gained, innovative and integrated research infrastructures and services tailored to the social sciences can thus be created in the future for all phases of the research data cycle.

Focus of the Research Area Applied Computer Science

We develop methods and tools to access, process and analyse relational data that can be modelled as a network.

We research and develop methods to extract knowledge from unstructured texts.

We research and develop models for linking heterogeneous data types.

We research collaborative and participatory models and infrastructures for Open Science in the social sciences.

We are researching an infrastructure for GESIS-wide linking of research data to optimise their interoperability and findability on the web.