Data Linking

Benjamin Zapilko

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Data Linking

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Benjamin Zapilko

In the field Data Linking, models and approaches are investigated that enable the detection and linking of entities as well the integration of heterogeneous data sources. Technologies like Text Mining and Semantic Web (e.g. Linked Open Data) play a significant role. They allow a technical interpretation and connection of information and data as well as for facilitating collaboration in the web. Thus, a quality increase of the web from user perspective can be achieved.

At GESIS, the research activities in the field of Data Linking are focused on the detection, disambiguation und linking of social science relevant entities in scientific publications (like persons, institutions, locations, citations, research data) and other heterogeneous information types by applying Text Mining and Machine Learning technologies. Another focus is the development of methods for linking heterogeneous research data (e.g. geographical data) to data sources from the web in order to enable a combined analysis of these connected data sources.


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