Information Linking and Retrieval

Information linking develops models which allow for linking heterogenous types of information through semantic web technologies. Information retrieval develops models which improve digital information search.

Main research areas in the field of information linking and retrieval are:

  • User studies and logfile analyses to analyze the information behavior of social scientists
  • Linking different types of information as well as combining survey data with research data from other academic domains
  • Making information retrieval easier and more personal
  • Integrated access to information via linked information (“link retrieval”)
  • Developing domain specific recommender and ranking services
  • Novel logfile based metrics for evaluating interactive retrieval systems

Current Projects

 Selected closed projects

  • IRM II: Value-Added Services for Information Retrieval II (IRM II)
  • Missy: Service center for microdata
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  • Interlinking Large-scale Library Data with Authority Records
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