6th European User Conference for EU-Microdata,

Pre-Conference Workshop,

March 6-8, 2019

Organized by German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat and CESSDA

The 6th European User Conference for EU-Microdata provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on EU-SILC,EU-LFS, AES, CVTS; SES, CIS, EHIS and HBS data. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers working with EU-Microdata not only to encourage the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, but also to offer researchers the opportunity to give feedback to Eurostat. The conference offers furthermore the possibility to discuss needs of the research community with Eurostat. Researchers of all disciplines who are interested in EU-LFS, EU-SILC and/or other European microdata disseminated by Eurostat are encouraged to participate.

This year's conference was co-funded by the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (cessda).

The 2019 Conference featured a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, 6 March 2019 (on the premises of GESIS). The workshop provided a space for participants to come together with experts from Statistics Austria on working with EU-SILC longitudinal data.


For any further questions please contact the local organizers Heike Wirth (heike.wirth(at)gesis(dot)org) and Oshrat Hochman (oshrat.hochman(at)gesis(dot)org).



Ahrendt, Daphne, Tadas Leoncikas & Irene Riobóo

Statistical matching of EQLS and EU-SILC: A case study on public services

Abstract (192 kB)

Presentation (601 kB)

Angel, Stefan

Who lives there now? Differences in affordability and income between housing tenure groups in Europe over the last decade

Abstract (198 kB)


Angel, Stefan  & Benjamin Bittschi

An integrated view on trends in basic consumption and income inequality in Europe

Abstract (255 kB)

Presentation (2.32 MB)

Barbieri, Paolo, Giorgio Cutuli & Anna Zamberlan

A way out of the gender-class inequality trade-off? A longitudinal analysis of gender and class inequality in the labour market between different institutional contexts.

Abstract (200 kB)

Presentation (0.96 MB)

Berghammer, Caroline, Anna Matysiak, Torkild Lyngstad & Francesca Rinesi

Single motherhood and education: changes in the educational gradient across European countries since the 1970s

Abstract (285 kB)

Presentation (0.94 MB)

Boll, Christina, Anja Rossen & André Wolf

Patterns of Overeducation in Europe: The Role of Field of Study

Abstract (442 kB)

Presentation (1.14 MB)

Borowczyk-Martins, Daniel & Ralf Wilke

Addressing Misclassification in the Estimation of Labor Market Transitions

Abstract (87 kB)


Broschinski, Sven & Marie-Luise Assmann

Relevance and Effectiveness of Public Employment Services for Youth Labor Market Integration - A cross-European Perspective

Abstract (205 kB)

Presentation (0.92 MB)

Cabus, Sofie & Miroslav Stefanik

Good Access to Lifelong Learning Accelerates Economic Growth

Abstract (85 kB)


Chauvel, Louis & Anne Hartung

Housing regimes and intergenerational mobility: Home ownership as a facet of social reproduction?

Abstract (64 kB)

Presentation (859 kB)

Dietrich, Hans

A lost generation or a period specific selection process? Youth unemployment in the times of the Great Recession

Abstract (185 kB)

Presentation (724 kB)

Duval-Hernandez, Robert

Unemployment, Inequality, and Institutions, Revisited

Abstract (285 kB)

Presentation (374 kB)

Fauser, Sophia, Sonja Scheuring & Michael Gebel

Career Outcomes of Temporary Employment: Disentan-gling Functions of Screening and Entry Port

Abstract (103 kB)


Filauro, Stefano & Alessia Fulvimari

Income Inequality in the EU: A Decomposition by Income Source

Abstract (145 kB)

Presentation (719 kB)

Gagel, Sabine

Lifelong learning – information available from the Adult Education Survey (AES) and the Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS)

Presentation (309 kB)

Hipp, Lena, Mareike Bünnin &, Irene Boeckmann

Work-family policies and the working hours’ differences in couples after childbirth

Abstract (458 kB)

Presentation (3.10 MB)

Kalman, Judit

How well they cope? Effects of Labour Market Status and Education on Subjective Well-Being of the Youth across European Welfare Regimes.

Abstract (41 kB)


Keane, Claire & Karina Doorley

The stabilising effect of tax-benefit systems on gender earnings inequality in Europe

Abstract (189 kB)

Presentation (628 kB)

Klotz, Johannes, Tobias Göllner & Matthias Till

Relationships between morbidity, mortality and severe material deprivation in Europe

Abstract (209 kB)

Presentation (851 kB)

Latner, Jonathan P. & Michael Gebel

The changing demographic risk of temporary employment: A comparative study of European countries

Abstract (100 kB)

Presentation (426 kB)

Leventi, Chrysa, Andrea Papini & Holly Sutherland

Net or gross? Assessing the anti-poverty effects of social transfers in the European Union

Abstract (158 kB)

Presentation (672 kB)

Lukac, Martin, Nadja Doerflinger & Valeria Pulignano

Developing a cross-national comparative framework for studying labour market segmentation

Abstract (32 kB)


Medgyesi, Márton

Polarization of work between households and changes in income inequality: the case of CEE countries 2004-2014

Abstract (94 kB)

Presentation (532 kB)

Montanari, Maria & Márton Medgyesi

Assessing the Impact of Intra-EU Mobility on National Welfare States: Who Receives Which Benefits? A Cross-Country Comparison

Abstract (71 kB)

Presentation (1.03 MB)

Mysíková, Martina & Tomáš Želinský

Alternative Approaches to the Identification of the Subjectively Poor

Abstract (169 kB)

Presentation (562 kB)

Oehler, Friderike

Joint distribution of income, consumption and wealth

Abstract (128 kB)

Presentation (0.90 MB)

Otto, Adeline & Martin Lukac

Benefit generosity and segment mobility in European labour markets

Abstract (261 kB)

Presentation (620 kB)

Özdemir, Erhan

The differentiation in the permanency of the jobs among the employed individuals in six EU countries: The dispari-ties across migrants and native-born individuals

Abstract (275 kB)

Presentation (1.54 MB)

Redmond, Paul, Seamus McGuinness & Bertrand Maître

Labour Market Transitions of Minimum Wage Workers across Europe

Abstract (284 kB)

Presentation (752 kB)

Roszka, Wojciech & Kamil Wilak

Spatial microsimulation of apparent and inactive unemployment in Poland

Abstract (284 kB)

Presentation (1.33 MB)

Sarracino, Francesco, Stefano Bartolini & Marcin Piekałkiewicz

A social cure for social comparisons

Abstract (19.19 kB)

Presentation (1.10 MB)

Scheuring, Sonja, Sophia Fauser & Michael Gebel

The Gendered Selection into Temporary Employment across European Countries: Does the Male Breadwinner Norm Matter?

Abstract (641 kB)

Presentation (1.66 MB)

Schrör, Hartmut

Latest developments in Microdata Access

Presentation (0.92 MB)

Silberman, Roxane

IDAN – International Data Access Network

Presentation (1.16 MB)

Smits, Ine

InGRID e-portal as a gateway to European data

Presentation (427 kB)

Spencer, Neil H.

The Importance of Regional Variation in Patterns of Involuntary Non-Standard Employment across Europe

Abstract (204 kB)

Presentation (2.54 MB)

Suleman, Fátima, Henrique Manuel Duarte & Abdul Suleman

Compensation policies across EU countries: Insights from SES data

Abstract (725 kB)

Presentation (267 kB)

Trindade, Lorena Zardo & Tim Goedemé

The validity of a national vs. a pan-European perspective on poverty and inequality in the EU

Abstract (99 kB)