5th European User Conference
for EU-Microdata

Mannheim, March 2-3, 2017

Organized by German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat

The 5th European User Conference for EU-Microdata provides an international forum for the exchange of research based on EU-SILC, EU-LFS, AES, SES, CIS, EHIS and HBS data. An important aim of the conference is to bring together researchers working with EU-Microdata not only to encourage the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, but also to offer researchers the opportunity to give feedback to Eurostat. The conference offers the possibility to discuss needs of the research community with Eurostat. Researchers of all disciplines who are interested either in EU-LFS, EU-SILC or other European microdata disseminated by Eurostat are encouraged to participate.

Conference sessions will focus on labour market, young adulthood, income dynamics, innovations, gender wage gap as well as on methodological topics.


Please direct any enquiries regarding registration and accomodation to eu-microdata@gesis.org.

For any further questions please contact the local organizers Oshrat Hochman (Oshrat.Hochman@gesis.org) and Heike Wirth (heike.wirth@gesis.org).



Aguiar, João Miguel, José Azevedo & Pedro Campos
The Digital Divide in Europe in the 21st Century: a new methodological challenge for comparative social research
Abstract (223 kB) Presentation (807 kB)
Angel, Stefan
Persistent household over-indebtedness and exits from over-indebtedness. Evidence from EU-SILC
Abstract (102 kB)

Presentation (505 kB)

Bachmann, Ronald & Rahel Felder
Job Stability in Europe over the Cycle
Abstract (195 kB)

Presentation (725 kB)

Barzotto, Mariachiara & Lisa De Propris
Skill Chain and Inclusive Economic Growth in the EU
Boll, Christina & Elisabeth Bublitz
A cross-country comparison of gender differences in job-related training - The role of working hours and the household context
Abstract (262 kB)
Brazdilova, Michaela & Martina Mysíková
Estimate of economies of scale based on indirect utility function of household
Abstract (177 kB)
Bublitz, Elisabeth

Misperceptions of income distributions: Cross-country evidence from a randomized survey experiment

Abstract (157 kB)

Presentation (1.11 MB)

Bujnowska, Aleksandra

Access to European Statistical System microdata – an overview

Presentation (1.00 MB)
Castellano, Rosalia, Gaetano Musella & Gennaro Punzo
Shrinking middle-skilled jobs and wage inequality in Europe during the Great Recession
Abstract (14.48 kB)

Presentation (1.57 MB)

Collado, Diego
The missing link between financial incentives to work and employment
Abstract (32 kB)

Presentation (319 kB)

Cukrowska-Torzewska, Ewa & Anna Lovasz
The Impact of Parenthood on the Gender Wage Gap – a Comparative Analysis of European Countries and Family Policies
Abstract (198 kB)

Presentation (1.27 MB)

Dubois, Hans 
Mapping the economically inactive population
Abstract (201 kB)

Presentation (1.11 MB)

Espelage, Frank & Emilio di Meglio

Integrated European Social Statistics

Presentation (463 kB)

Eekhout, Iris, Irene Houtman, Maartje Bakhuys Roozeboom & Anita Venema 
The joint analysis of the European survey of enterprises (ESENER-2) and labor force survey (LFS)

Abstract (52 kB)

Presentation (1.42 MB)

Freire Seoane, María Jesús, Carla Sofia Pires de Carvalho Oliveira Silva & Mercedes Teijeiro Álvarez
The incomes of the young tertiary education graduates on EU
Abstract (35 kB)

Presentation (238 kB)

Fulvimari, Alessia
Chances of escaping low-wages in the EU

Presentation (610 kB)

Furrer, Marianne & Uma Rani
Welfare regimes and income inequality in Europe
Abstract (279 kB)

Presentation (1.09 MB)

Goedemé, Tim, Lorena Zardo Trindade & Frank Vandenbroucke 
A pan-European perspective on low-income dynamics in the EU
Abstract (484 kB)

Presentation (549 kB)

Graham, Helen & Robert Raeside
Early school leaving in Europe in a time of recession
Abstract (186 kB)

Presentation (241 kB)

Greulich, Angela & Aurélien Dasre 
Fertility analysis with SILC: A quantification of measurement bias.


Presentation (1.14 MB)

Hardy, Wojciech, Aneta Kiełczewska, Piotr Lewandowski & Iga Magda 
Who will stay and who will go? Job retention of older workers in the Visegrad Group


Presentation (1.08 MB)

Hernanz, Virginia, José María Arranz & Carlos García-Serrano  
Job Quality: Are there differences by types of contract?

Presentation (1.40 MB)

Herwig, Andreas
Immigrants' Labour Market Integration in Europe and the Effect of the Education System
Abstract (329 kB)

Presentation (557 kB)

Kłobuszewska, Małgorzata & Jędrzej Stasiowski
Could labour market policies protect unemployed youth from poverty? Multilevel analysis for the EU-28
Abstract (348 kB)

Presentation (715 kB)

Krolage, Carla, Florian Buhlmann & Mathias Dolls
Converging Unemployment Insurance Schemes in the EU: Budgetary, Distributional and Stabilizing Effects
Abstract (58 kB)

Presentation (5.65 MB)

Lepper, Timo & Markus Gangl
Hard times: The Great Recession and the effect of job loss on household incomes
Abstract (40 kB)

Presentation (280 kB)

Mack, Alexander
Gender differences in evaluation of the household’s economic position and their implications
Abstract (69 kB)

Presentation (529 kB)

Magda, Iga & Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska
Workplace characteristics and the gender wage gap - European experience
Abstract (115 kB)

Presentation (1.05 MB)

Morvay, Endre
Employment differences in Europe
Abstract (84 kB)

Presentation (399 kB)

Mysíková, Martina
“Is it the size of the pie or the share that matters?” European empirics on financial satisfaction of partners
Abstract (222 kB)

Presentation (619 kB)

Ramskogler, Paul, Aleksandra Riedl & Florian Schoiswohl
Gender Wage Gaps in Europe: Always the same or entirely different
Abstract (126 kB)

Presentation (494 kB)

Ronkowski, Piotr

Structure of Earnings Survey

Presentation (321 kB)

Roth, Duncan & John Moffat
Cohort size and youth labour-market outcomes: the role of measurement error

Abstract (204 kB)

Presentation (515 kB)

Stasiowski, Jędrzej & Małgorzata Kłobuszewska
Satisfied with temporary jobs? Job satisfaction among young European adults working on temporary contracts.
Abstract (67 kB)

Presentation (1.02 MB)

Symeonaki, Maria, Maria Karamessini & Glykeria Stamatopoulou
Introducing an index of early job insecurity: a comparative analysis among European countries with evidence from the EU-LFS
Abstract (75 kB)

Presentation (816 kB)

Tomić, Iva & Valerija Botrić
European youths in the crisis: substitution vs. income effect
Abstract (189 kB)

Presentation (1.28 MB)

Tosevska-Trpcevska, Katerina, Elena Makrevska Disoska & Dragan Tevdovski  
The role of innovation in productivity growth across Central and Eastern European countries
Abstract (160 kB)

Presentation (116 kB)

Ván, Bálint
Does a warm home mean the same thing in Finland and Portugal? Evaluation of the cross-country comparability of the material deprivation index and discussion of alternative measures
Abstract (491 kB)

Presentation (254 kB)

Vonnahme, Christina & Ronald Bachmann  
Occupational mobility and the role of job protection in Europe
Abstract (194 kB)

Presentation (254 kB)

Winkler, Hernan & Emmanuel Vazquez 
How is the Internet changing the labor market? Evidence from telecommunications reforms in Europe
Abstract (192 kB)

Presentation (289 kB)

Zardo Trindade, Lorena & Tim Goedemé 
Validity and cross-country comparability of the EU-SILC income variables

Abstract (186 kB)

Presentation (452 kB)

Želinský, Tomáš & Francisco Azpitarte 
On the robustness of multidimensional poverty orderings in the EU

Abstract (198 kB)

Presentation (282 kB)