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“Why didn’t anyone tell me this?” Publication strategies and academic citizenship

February 6, 2018, 1pm

GESIS, Cologne, conference room east

Berthold Rittberger


Every graduate student knows the aphorism “publish or perish”. While there is (some) truth to it, most early stage researchers receive (surprisingly!) little systematic guidance on how to navigate the long and obstacle-ridden process from developing a great research idea to seeing it in print (ideally in a peer-reviewed journal). In the course of this process called ‘publishing’, we have to make a lot of choices that are consequential for our careers. What publication format should I choose for my idea? What is the right publication outlet for it? How do I interact with journal editors? How should I best respond to reviewers’ comments? How do I make sure my work is recognized and has impact? In my talk I will address these questions, with the express goal that early stage researchers can make (more) informed choices.

About the speaker

Berthold Rittberger is Professor of Political Science and International Politics at the University of Munich. After completing his D.Phil. in Political Science at the University of Oxford, he held positions at the University of Mannheim, the Kaiserslautern University of Technology, and Nuffield College, Oxford. He is author of numerous peer-reviewed publications on EU politics and integration, regulatory politics and institutions, and political representation. He is co-editor in chief of the Journal of European Public Policy, which currently ranks 9/165 on the Political Science list, published by Thomson Reuters.