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7th European User Conference for EU-Microdata (virtual)

Microdata from Eurostat


March 25-26, 2021

Organized by German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat

European microdata released by Eurostat are an important basis for comparative social research. More and more researchers use these data for a wide range of economic and social analyses. For many years, researchers have presented results of their work at the bi-annual conferences organised by GESIS.

The 7th European User Conference (virtual) is organised by the German Microdata Lab, GESIS, in cooperation with Eurostat. The conference will provide researchers with the opportunity to present and discuss their latest work and share their experience. In addition to fostering the discussion within the research community on both substantive and methodological issues, the conference offers researchers the opportunity to get into contact with colleagues from Eurostat.

Researchers of all disciplines (e.g. economics, sociology, demography, geography, political science and public health) who use or are interested in European microdata are encouraged to participate.



Aga, Nermin

Gendered Division of Domestic Work and Childcare in Albania and Serbia: A Comparative Study of National Time Use Surveys

Abstract (67 kB)

Presentation (404 kB)

Albertini, Marco, Teodora Maksimovic, Letizia Mencarini & Giorgio Piccitto 

Social class and fertility in Europe

Abstract (354 kB)


Angel, Stefan  

Housing regimes and residualization of the subsidized rental sector in Europe 2005-2016

Abstract (124 kB)


Bachmann, Ronald, Myrielle Gonschor, Piotr Lewandowski & Karol Madoń

The Impact of Robots on Labor Market Transitions in the EU

Abstract (164 kB)


Bailey, Nick & Anne-Catherine Guio

Adaptive deprivation scales in a multi-national context: the European child deprivation indicators

Abstract (56 kB)

Presentation (2.38 MB)

Binder, Barbara, András Gábos, Réka Branyiczki & István Tóth 

The impact of changes in employment on poverty trends in the European Union in times of economic recovery

Abstract (109 kB)

Presentation (688 kB)

Boll, Christina, Andreas Lagemann & André Wolf

Subgroup-specific gaps and irregular payments – New insights into gendered pay in Europe

Abstract (202 kB)


Buligescu, Bianca & Simona Ilie 

Material deprivation items and its relationship to welfare state classification

Abstract (434 kB)

Presentation (0.93 MB)

Ciccolini, Giuseppe

We have been left behind, haven’t we? Status loss experience, class voting and the populist radical right

Abstract (114 kB)

Presentation (567 kB)

Colgan, Brian

EU-SILC and the potential for synthetic panel estimates

Abstract (115 kB)

Presentation (377 kB)

D’Attoma, Ida & Silvia Pacei

What drives green innovation in Europe? A cross-country comparison based on CIS data.

Abstract (148 kB)


Di Meglio, Emilio & Hartmut Schrör

New Labour Force Survey from 2021

Presentation (220 kB)

Filandri, Marianna & Claudia Colombarolli

Equivalence scales for measuring in-work poverty in Europe

Abstract (345 kB)

Presentation (1.32 MB)

Filauro, Stefano

Risk of poverty and material deprivation in the EU: how higher and differentiated are the subjective monetary needs of households in these conditions?

Abstract (548 kB)

Presentation (463 kB)

Giordano, Chiara & Cinzia Meraviglia 

The impact of migration regimes on the concentration of migrants in paid domestic work

Abstract (282 kB)

Presentation (571 kB)

Hoxie, Philip & Stan Veuger

What Drives Migration within the European Union? Estimates from a Gravity Model and from Micro Data

Abstract (154 kB)


Ivory, Tristan & Chuling Huang

Labor of Love: Cross-Nativity Marriage and Immigrant Labor Force Participation Across European Union Member States

Abstract (94 kB)


Jestl, Stefan, Sandra Leitner & Sebastian Leitner

The Relative Impact of Different Forces of Globalisation on Wage Inequality: A Fresh Look at the EU Experience

Abstract (233 kB)

Presentation (270 kB)

Jokela, Merita & Maria Vaalavuo

Ill health and the risk of poverty in Europe: individuals and welfare institutions

Abstract (142 kB)

Presentation (504 kB)

Karpinska, Lilia & Sławomir Śmiech

Hidden energy poverty in Central and Eastern Europe

Abstract (82 kB)

Presentation (873 kB)

King, Seán

Institutional Determinants of Low-End Migrant Work

Abstract (72 kB)


Kolndrekaj, Aleksandra, Maarten Dossche & Jiri Slacalek  

How has COVID-19 affected income, consumption and saving inequality in the euro area?

Abstract (189 kB)

Presentation (140 kB)

Koutsouradis, George & Kostas Tsekouras

Non-continuous inputs-outputs in DEA for the estimation of knowledge generation and innovation efficiency: the case of CIS data

Abstract (72 kB)

Presentation (441 kB)

Kraus, Vered, Benjamin Bental & Yuval Yonay

The Macroeconomic Environment, the Great Recession and Self-Employment in 15 European Countries, 1999-201

Abstract (361 kB)

Presentation (440 kB)

Lanau, Alba 

Child and adult deprivation in reconstituted households, age and gender inequalities

Abstract (52 kB)

Presentation (408 kB)

Lehwess-Litzmann, René

Cross-national income differences in sectors and occupations producing “societally necessary services”

Abstract (159 kB)

Presentation (395 kB)

Leitner, Sandra

Eco-Innovation: Drivers, Barriers and Effects – A European Perspective

Abstract (358 kB)

Presentation (694 kB)

Maia, Iná, Fabian Schipfer, Lukas Kranzl  & Matthias Lang 

EU SILC Database analysis: identifying techno-socio-economic building archetypes and their available budget to invest on building energy performance improvement. A cross country comparison.

Abstract (54 kB)

Presentation (2.14 MB)

Menyhert, Balint 

Absolute poverty measurement with minimum food needs: A new inverse method for developed countries

Abstract (90 kB)


Moench, Barbara

EU-SILC as from 2021

Presentation (433 kB)

Montanari, Maria Giulia & Cinzia Meraviglia 

Accessing Household Benefits Across Europe: Is Migration Neutrality reached over time?

Abstract (284 kB)

Presentation (624 kB)

Mysíková, Martina, Tomáš Želinský & Kamila Fialová 

Subjective Income Poverty and Equivalence Scales: Eastern vs Western Europe

Abstract (205 kB)

Presentation (1.47 MB)

Nikulin, Dagmara, Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz & Aleksandra Parteka   

Economic versus social effects of GVC participation – evidence from merged Structure of Earnings Survey and WIOD data

Abstract (73 kB)

Presentation (351 kB)

Oehler, Friderike & Irene Riobóo

An integrated database to measure households’ economic wellbeing

Abstract (413 kB)

Presentation (1.16 MB)

Orujova, Laman 

Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Europe: taking population preferences into account

Abstract (13.26 kB)

Presentation (623 kB)

Özdemir, Erhan

The variations in the access to social benefits across non-working adults: A detailed analysis on the differences between natives and migrants in six European countries

Abstract (550 kB)


Palencia-Esteban, Amaia & Coral Del Río 

The consequences of occupational segregation in Europe: the role of gender and migration status

Abstract (169 kB)

Presentation (1.97 MB)

Pettinger, Maxime

The impact of institutions on wage polarization: a cross-country comparison

Abstract (135 kB)


Potancokova, Michaela & Guillaume Marois 

Simulations of future labour force in the EU+ using scenarios of labour force integration of immigrants

Abstract (148 kB)

Presentation (781 kB)

Rojo Gallego-Burín, Araceli, Luisa Delgado Márquez, Manuel Correa Gómez & Silvia Calzón-Fernández 

A longitudinal study about health, gender, the labour market, and social protection policies during the financial crisis in Europe


Presentation (1.87 MB)

Saar, Ellu, Eve-Liis Roosmaa & Liisa Martma  

The extent of educational mismatch of different occupational groups, comparison of European countries

Abstract (106 kB)

Presentation (418 kB)

Schiopu, Ioana & Cecilia Simkievich

Job Polarization and Structural Change: Evidence from European Regions

Abstract (102 kB)


Simon, Agathe & Mathieu Lefebvre 

The impact of a European unemployment benefit scheme on labour supply and income distribution

Abstract (114 kB)

Presentation (2.79 MB)

Stojkoski, Viktor, Katerina Toshevska-Trpchevska, Elena Makrevska-Disoska & Petar Jolakoski 

A longitudinal overview of the European national innovation systems through the lenses of the Community Innovation Survey

Abstract (122 kB)

Presentation (380 kB)

Szymczak, Sabina, Aleksandra Parteka & Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz 

Position in Global Value Chains: the Impact on Wages in Central and Eastern European Countries

Abstract (92 kB)

Presentation (1.00 MB)

Taltavull de La Paz, Paloma, Magdalena Teska & Francisco Juárez Tárrega 

Housing poverty differences across European countries

Abstract (315 kB)

Presentation (1.08 MB)

Tomás, Manuel, Petr Mariel, Iñaki Arto & Kurt Kratena 

Statistical matching of EU-SILC and HBS at the European level: a flexible strategy based on the optimisation of the nearest neighbour distance hot deck method

Abstract (218 kB)


Torfs, Lore, Stef Adriaenssens, Susan Lagaert & Sara Willems 

Expenditure cuts and access to healthcare under the great recession in Europe: income groups are unequally affected

Abstract (10.80 kB)

Presentation (322 kB)

Trentini, Francesco, Marianna Filandri & Lia Pacelli 

A comparative analysis of NEETs’ profiles and their determinants in Europe in the years of the crisis: a longitudinal perspective

Abstract (278 kB)

Presentation (1.28 MB)

Tuda, Dora

Desired hours worked over the business cycle: Stylised facts for European Countries

Abstract (3.13 MB)

Presentation (503 kB)

Vandecasteele, Leen & Fei Bian

How family policies and gender culture moderate husband effects on women’s labour market outcomes in Europe?

Abstract (127 kB)


Wolszczak-Derlacz, Joanna & Dagmara Nikulin

Gender wage differences and GVC involvement based on Structure of Earnings Survey

Abstract (167 kB)

Presentation (265 kB)

Zwysen, Wouter

Wage inequality in Europe: The role of pay setting

Abstract (147 kB)

Presentation (552 kB)