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Spring Conference of the DGS Section "Social Inequality and Social Stratification"

GESIS MANNHEIM, 22.-24.03.2023

Current Research Projects on Social Stratification and Social Inequality

Why do social stratification mechanisms retain their formative power even during economic or pandemic constraints? Which inequality dimensions and disparities gain or lose influence over time? How do inequalities evolve in our society compared to other societies? What internal differentiation in our society is necessary for understanding inequality? What consequences of inequality do we diagnose for society and its individuals?

The DGS (German Sociological Association) Section "Social Inequality and Social Stratification" invites you to its spring conference 2023, which is intentionally kept thematically open. It continues a tradition of several years and provides an opportunity to present more current research projects than is possible at the biennial Sociology Congress. We welcome submissions presenting theoretically novel approaches to the emergence, consolidation, or change of inequalities, employing innovative methodological research designs, using new data sources, or reporting exciting findings from ongoing research. Explicitly invited are presentations using a variety of methodological and theoretical research approaches. Regarding content, submissions should offer a connection to comparative social stratification and inequality analysis, focusing on the causes and/or consequences of social inequalities. Content that links to other sociological topics and disciplines is also welcome.

The conference language will be German. English contributions are welcome.

The CfP was closed on 15.01.2023. We received about 60 contributions. Of these, we were able to accept about two-thirds. The authors are currently informed about the acceptance or rejection of their contributions.

Registration: Registration is closed. Please contact dgs-tagung-2023(at)gesis(dot)org if you still wish to attend.

Presentation guidelines: Each presenter has 30 minutes of time. Please plan on 20 minutes of presentation time and 10 minutes of discussion time. Presenters in one or related sessions will serve as discussants of each other's papers. Each person will be assigned a paper, will receive the presentation of that paper in advance, and will prepare a few key points for the discussion, which they will use to start the discussion session following the corresponding presentation. Further information will be sent via e-mail.

Further information and a detailed program can be found on the German version of this website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at: tagung-mannheim-2023(at)soziale-ungleichheit(dot)de

Organisation: Reinhard Pollak (reinhard.pollak(at)gesis(dot)org), Nora Müller (nora.müller(at)gesis(dot)org) and Corinna Kleinert (corinna.kleinert(at)lifbi(dot)de