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Projects at GESIS

Here you will find updated information about ongoing projects at GESIS.

In recent years, GESIS has been in a position to substantially increase the share of external funding. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Research Foundation and the EU generally provide external funding, although foundations are also involved. Projects focus on subjects in the fields of Survey Methodology, Attitudinal- and Behavioural Research, Research on Social Structure, Applied Informatics and Information Sciences. Please contact Florence Eckert for more information about externally funded projects.

Title Start End Funder
5th ESS ERIC Work Programme (2021-2023) (ESS-CST R11)
European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium Fifth Indicative Work Programme
01.06.2021 31.05.2023 Sonstige Drittmittel
PIAAC-C2 - The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (Cycle 2) (PIAAC-C2)
06.04.2018 31.12.2024 Sonstige Drittmittel
Registrierung und Nachweis der Mikrodaten des INEXDA Projektes des Forschungsdatenzentrums der Deutschen Bundesbank
01.08.2017 30.06.2023 Sonstige Drittmittel