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3rd Computational Social Science Winter Symposium (CSSWS 16)

Team: Diana Lindner, David Brodesser, Maria Zens
Leader: Prof. Dr. Markus Strohmaier, Dr. Katrin Weller
Scientific unit: Computational Social Science (CSS)


The Computational Social Science Winter Symposium (CSSWS) is a series of events that took place from 2014 to 2016.  All three events were held around end of November / early December in Cologne. The event series was initiated by Markus Strohmaier and all events were organized by the GESIS department “Computational Social Science”. The DFG funded the 3rd Computational Social Science Winter Symposium which was taking place in 2016. 

The symposium series aims at enhancing the interdisciplinary connections between different communities related to Computational Social Science (CSS). As CSS is a relatively young research field, the symposium also strengthens its position especially within the German research landscape.

The symposium features a program based on posters and presentations selected from an open call for submissions. It furthermore features invited keynotes by distinguished experts in the field and offers lots of opportunities for networking.



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