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Preparation of the 7th EWCS - Post test of the 6th EWCS cognitive interviewing (EWCS CogInt)

Team: Patricia Hadler, Dr. Timo Lenzner, Dr. Cornelia Neuert
Leader: PD Dr. Natalja Menold
Scientific unit: Dep. Survey Design and Methodology (SDM), Pretesting


The project aim is to deliver insights for the interpretation of the results of the 6th European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) and to test and revise survey questions of the 7th EWCS by using cognitive pretesting methods (web probing and face-to-face cognitive interviewing). The questions to be tested will be evaluated with respondents from Great Britain, Germany and Poland in the web probing study; followed by in-depth face-to-face cognitive interviews in Germany and Poland that build on the findings of the web probing.



Sponsored by

  • Eurofound


  • KantarMillardBrown