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International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)

Team: Diana Lindner, David Brodesser, Maria Zens
Leader: Prof. Dr. Markus Strohmaier, Dr. Katrin Weller
Scientific unit: Computational Social Science (CSS)


The International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) is an annual conference series in the area of Computational Social Science. After events in Helsinki (2015) and Evanston (2016), the conference is coming to Cologne in its third year. IC2S2 2017 is organized by the GESIS Department “Computational Social Science”, with Markus Strohmaier being one of the Conference Chairs.

The Conference aims to bring together scientists from different disciplines and research areas as well as from industry. It offers an open atmosphere to discuss research methods beyond disciplinary borders.

Computational Social Science (CSS) studies new types of data and new methods for the analysis of social phenomena. At the conference, researchers will discuss computational problems in the study of social systems and dynamics, as well as research questions motivated by large datasets, either extracted from real applications (e.g. social media, communication systems), or created via controlled experiments or computational models. Computational Social Science is engaging in central questions for digitalized societies, for example how widely-used algorithms work and how they affect everyday life, how political discussions and activism take place in online environments or how to measure health and wellbeing with new types of data.

The main conference will take place in Cologne on July 11-13. The pre-conference day (July 10) will be dedicated to tutorials and skills workshops that will introduce different methods in Computational Social Science.



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