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Team: Felix Bensmann
Leader: Dr. Philipp Mayr
Scientific unit: Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (WTS)


Swissbib is established as a catalog for academic publications in the librarianship of Switzerland. The catalog includes the contents of the Swiss university libraries, the Swiss national library, several cantonal libraries and other institutions. Metadata of more than 21 million of publications is accessible through a convenient central web catalog system. Users are provided with the typical means for search and further examination.

In the project the content of the Swissbib data stock is to be extended by means and ideas from the area of Linked Open Data (LOD). Major intentions include the re-modelling of the underlying data model into an RDF representation and derivation of new concepts. New entities are introduced to complete the existing document concept, e.g. persons, items, topic etc. Using techniques from the LOD these items could be enriched with new information that can be gained by reconciling the items with external data sources. For search in the reconciled data a prototype user application will be developed. It can be operated alongside the classical Swissbib and even be accessed through it. For additional value we create new search possibilities for users. At the same time Swissbib is interlinked with established LOD datasets and becomes part of the LOD-Cloud.

Challenges can be found in the merging of the existing data model into the new linked data model, because with its paradigm RDF differs from the former model in fundamental ways. As a living system the data of Swissbib will we continuously updated, what has to be considered in the design of process and data models. The same is true for the indexing of the data with classic search technologies. Additionally, during interlinking the exceptionally large data mass will become relevant.

As contractor of the HEG Geneva, Gesis is mainly entrusted with the interlinking of author data and its enrichment with additional information. These origin from large free-to-use corpora like DBpedia or the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF). Furthermore, Gesis will support the partners in all arising tasks like data modelling or system integration.


01.04.2015 – 28.02.2017

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  • <link https: articles fdigh.2017.00005 full>Interlinking Large-scale Library Data with Authority Records
    Bensmann, Felix, Benjamin Zapilko and Philipp Mayr