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LOD ResearchGraph

Team: Nadine Dulisch
Leader: Dr. Benjamin Zapilko
Scientific unit: Knowledge Technologies for the Social Sciences (WTS)


The project LOD ResearchGraph builds a trusted research graph that makes the connection between high-value collections (research datasets) and other scholarly works such as publications and grants discoverable. The focus will be to build such a graph across European and Australian data-infrastructures and demonstrating the collaboration network in the data-driven research projects. As part of this project, GESIS is implementing the Switchboard software - developed by the Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI) WG of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) - to aggregate, connect and publish the research information from European data repositories. This project is a collaboration with the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) in Australia. In partnership with NCI, GESIS will create a graph of connections between Australian research datasets, Australian funding records, and European research datasets.

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01.05.2017 – 30.11.2017

Sponsored by

RDA – Research Data Alliance