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PIAAC-L Workshops

Team: Dr. Débora B. Maehler, Sonja Bibow
Leader: Dr. Débora B. Maehler
Scientific unit: Abt. Survey Design and Methodology (SDM)


The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) was initiated by the OECD. In Germany, the respondents who had participated in the 2012 international survey of PIAAC were re-approached for the national panel study PIAAC-L. PIAAC-L aims at investigating the longitudinal effects of skill outcomes over the life course and the development of the key skills assessed in PIAAC. PIAAC-L consists of three follow-up waves to the initial PIAAC 2012 survey. The data provides information on respondents socioeconomic background, respondents' households as well as skills (e.g. literacy and numeracy - with PIAAC instruments - as well as Reading Speed, Reading, Mathematics - with NEPS instruments). For more information please see the <link http: urn:nbn:de:0168-ssoar-49665-1>PIAAC-L technical report.

The PIAAC-L workshops aim to provide a deeper understanding of the data structure as well as convey methodological knowledge to participating researchers. The workshops are designed for those who are seeking a scientific qualification in a discipline of educational research.



Sponsored by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research