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Building the Future: Excelling in Computational and Quantitative Social Sciences in Turkey (SocialComQuant)


Social ComQuant is a European Commission-funded project that aims

at developing computational and quantitative social science research

methods in Turkey. This is a Twinning Project, in which GESIS and the

ISI Foundation in Italy are twinned with Koç University in Turkey in a

three-year effort to establish an infrastructure to enhance teaching and

research capacity in said areas.

The goal of the Social ComQuant project is to establish a research

community and network in Turkey and beyond which is composed of scholars

with a common interest in computational and quantitative social

sciences. To achieve this goal, the project offers different activities:

  • In GESIS workshops, leading scientists from social sciences, computer science, mathematics, and physics teach state-of-the-art computational methods that are hallmarks of research in the field.
  • Three summer schools, two in Turkey and one in Italy, focus on key research lines particularly related to computational and quantitative social science methods.
  • Online courses prepared around a wide set of relevant social science research topics allow scholars to acquire methodological skills via the cloud-based teaching environment GESIS Notebooks.
  • Early-stage and senior researchers at Koç University are invited to virtually and physically visit GESIS and the ISI Foundation to work on joint research projects.

2020-08-01 – 2023-07-31


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