Cohort cOmmunity Research and Development Infrastructure Network for Access Throughout Europe (COORDINATE)


The aim of the COORDINATE project is to mobilize the community of researchers and organizations that will drive forwards the coordinated development of comparative birth cohort panel and associated survey research in Europe which focus on children’s well-being. The infrastructural community network brought together by COORDINATE will promote the harmonization of and improve access to international survey data, in particular panel survey data, in the study of children and young people’s well-being as they grow up.

The project part GESIS is involved in, concentrates on the harmonization of existing data in this field. We aim at developing a central database of child and youth wellbeing measures commonly used in key longitudinal and cross-sectional comparative surveys in Europe. Additionally, we are to create an international comparative harmonized dataset accompanied with guidelines containing harmonization recommendations.


2021-04-01 – 2025-03-31


Horizon 2020