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Trust, Integrity and Efficiency in Research through next-level Reproducibility impact pathways (TIER2)

The project proposes conceptualization, design and implementation of “tools for reproducibility”, including their assessment, recommendations, alongside empowering others.


Lack of

reproducibility of research results has become a major theme in recent years.

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic pressures and exposed

consequences of lack of societal trust in science make addressing reproducibility

of urgent importance. TIER2 is a new international project funded by the

European Commission under their Horizon Europe programme. Covering three broad

research areas (social, life and computer sciences) and two cross-disciplinary

stakeholder groups (research publishers and funders) to systematically

investigate reproducibility across contexts, TIER2 will significantly boost

knowledge on reproducibility, create tools, engage communities, implement

interventions and policy across different contexts to increase re-use and

overall quality of research results in the European Research Area and global

R&I, and consequently increase trust, integrity and efficiency in research.


2023-01-01 – 2026-12-31


Horizon Europe