Ausbau der Sozial-Raumwissenschaftlichen Forschungsdateninfrastuktur (SoRa+)

FAIR, intelligent, integrativ


The expanded SoRa infrastructure intends to support its users at every step on the way to the creation, use, and analysis of linked data by relieving them of as much as possible of all data and linkage-related work. This goal will be realized by extending the data offer (survey data & geodata), developing new user services (e.g., geocoding, use of own geodata), their integration in the scientific workflow, and extensive dissemination activities. From a professional perspective, the work starts with guidelines for linking social and spatial science research data and ends with community activities to handle linked data and disseminate the research results at conferences and the publication in quality-assured scientific journals. From a technical perspective, the work starts from geocoding one's data to the linked data set and citable documentation of the links.



2023-05-01 – 2026-04-30


  • Leibniz-Institut für Ökologische Raumentwicklung OÖR
  • SOEP – The Socio-Economic Panel, DIW – German Institute of Economic Research


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft