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Delivering infrastructure for the next generation EU (Infra4NextGen)


The EU project,

Infra4NextGen, will provide data and research infrastructure services with the focus

on the five NextGenEU youth policy topic areas: make It Green; make it Digital;

make it Healthy; make it Strong; and make it Equal. The aim is to facilitate

evidence-based policymaking across these five pillars.

The main tasks of the

Work Packages led by GESIS will be to provide users with a set of cross-national

data files containing harmonized and merged data on the five themes from up to

six existing survey programs. This will reduce fragmentation between social

survey data currently organized by the survey programs rather than by

substantive theme. Beyond that, we will design and setup virtual access to

metadata overviews, the harmonized data files, and harmonization scripts.


2024-03-01 – 2028-02-28