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Persönlichkeit und Bildungseffekte (PEB)

Projekt im Rahmen des Verbundprojekts “Bildungserträge im Lebensverlauf“


Our aim is to prepare a concept for the description of non-monetary

return on education for the education report of the federal government

on the basis of theoretical and empirical approaches. The subproject

„Personality and education effects“ examines to what extent education

variables predict personality changes in childhood and adolescence and

whether these effects are independent of the students’ cognitive

competences or whether the cognitive competences have an effect on

personality beyond the influence of education. Furthermore the

subproject investigates whether adults’ level of competence and

(previous) participation in education determines personality pattern and

changes. Additionally, interaction effects of personality and

competences on outcome variables (e.g. life satisfaction) will be

examined. The central data sources are the National Educational Panel

Study (NEPS), the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult

Competencies (PIAAC) and especially the additional national longitudinal

study PIAAC-L.


2016-02-01 – 2019-01-31