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DDP-Bildung-Domain-Data-Protokolle für die Bildungsforschung (DDP-Bildung)


The project aims at developing Domain Data Protocols (DDPs), i.e. standardized protocols to be applied in educational research data management. It will provide publicly available, adaptive and (re-)usable protocols to be applied in data management processes in educational research. The protocols are a detailed and data-type-based description of all relevant aspects of data management, regarding data quality, curation, documentation, research process organisation, legal considerations as well as FAIR principles of data sharing. The developed protocols support researchers in the empirical educational research field to generate high-quality and re-usable data that fulfill requirements of reproducibility, FAIR-principles, open science, data protection as well as ethical issues. In addition, the protocols should contribute to making the process of applying for funding and the associated assessment and monitoring processes more efficient. The project considers different representative data types used in empirical educational research as well as models to calculate costs for data management in research projects. The developed protocols will technically be implemented in the Research Data Management Organizer, an open source software for planning and running research projects. The project will also develop guidelines for calculating the costs for high-quality research data management, which researchers need to consider in third-party funding applications.


2019-06-01 – 2022-05-31


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung