Capacity Building and Exchange for Survey Methodology and Data Management in Uganda

Team: Dr. Marlene Mauk
Leader: PD Dr. Simone Haasler
Scientific unit: Dep. Knowledge Transfer


In Sub-Saharan Africa, skills and capacities to collect, process, archive and analyze survey data and provide data services are only rudimentary developed. The planned capacity building initiative seeks to support the development of local skills for effective data generation and management in Uganda and Kenya to serve as a model and pillar for cooperation with neighboring East African countries in the field of the social sciences and other disciplines like education and public health. Thereby GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany will share its expertise of survey methods and data management with Ugandan and Kenyan partners to enhance local capacities for the development of data skills and infrastructure. In particular, the project will enhance local capacity and expertise to (i) collect and process data, (ii) analyze data and foster data-based research, (iii) introduce first steps to establish a data infrastructure in Uganda, and (iv) support practitioners and researchers to use data to inform local and international actors for policy making in Africa. Based on cooperation between GESIS and a network of Ugandan and Kenyan Universities and stakeholders the capacity building initiative covers three activities:

  • preparatory workshop (04/2019)
  • two-weeks summer school with 60 participants (09/2019)
  • follow-up training workshop (01/2020)

The project presents a unique opportunity to facilitate the exchange of data expertise between Ugandan, Kenyan and German researchers and practitioners. Follow-up activities that will help build-up competence and capacity in East African countries to provide data services and to participate in international surveys are planned.



Sponsored by


  • Muteesa I Royal University, Uganda
  • Bugema University, Uganda