Research area Research Data Management

Our research optimizes the backup of your data

Against the backdrop of the large and growing data base of GESIS, as well as the related offers for data reference and data archiving, research in this area is an important component for the expansion and progress of the related infrastructures.

Research in this field is concerned with long time preservation, data documentation and the legal framework of data access and licensing of data. Topics in this research area address the challenges arising from data sharing and data security. Additional important research topics are the creation of data documentation standards and meta data, the handling of new data types such as digital behavioral data and long time preservation issues.

Focus of the research area Research Data Management

Data Sharing & Re-use

We research the reasons, motivations for sharing research data, as well as conditions and outcomes of this process.

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Data Security & Data Protection

We research technical, legal and ethical challenges in the protection of research data.

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Meta Data

We are researching how existing metadata standards can be used to develop networked infrastructures for proving research data.

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New Forms of Data

We research how new types of data can be used as an alternative or supplement to classic research data.

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Long Time Preservation

We research how digital long-term archiving can contribute to making research data permanently findable, accessible and interpretable.

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