Values, Attitudes and Behavioor

The research on values, attitudes and behavior is mainly based on data collected by GESIS (e.g. ALLBUS, CSES, ESS, Eurobarometer, EVS, GESIS Panel, GLES, ISSP, PIAAC und WVS). On the one hand, this ensures that the data service offered is research-based. On the other hand, research benefits from a sound knowledge of the data and its fundamentals. Research priorities are consistent with the data priorities, ensuring maximum synergy between research and data service.

One focus of this research area is the analysis with repeated cross-sectional surveys and panel data. Another focus is international comparative analysis. Thematic research is conducted on migration and integration as well as topics such as national identity, social values, inequality, gender ideology, environment, health, religion, and social capital.

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Entwicklung und Bedeutung sozialer Beziehungen im Kontext der Covid-19-Pandemie (LoneCovid)
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Dehumanization Online: Measurement and Consequences (Professorinnenprogramm) (DeHum)
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