Research area Survey Methodology

We conduct research to optimize your surveys

At GESIS we conduct basic and applied research in the field of survey methodology. Our survey research is divided into the focus areas of Survey Statistics, Survey Instruments, Survey Operations and Comparative Surveys. We pursue the goal of gaining evidence-based insights into how surveys and their data quality can be optimised. Within the framework of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, we evaluate existing research and identify research gaps. In the research area of survey methodology, we also explore the connection of survey data with digital behavioural data (e.g. social media profiles, smartphone usage data or browsing histories) and examine how these data types can be complemented and combined. To this end, we are also driving the transfer of established concepts for assessing the data quality of surveys to digital behavioural data.

Focus of the research area Survey Methodology

Survey Statistics

We research the different aspects of survey quality.

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Survey Instruments

We research and develop quality-tested survey instruments to increase measurement quality in surveys.

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Survey Operations

We conduct fundamental and applied research on various questions of data collection and survey design.

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Comparative Surveys

We research the cross-cultural comparability of methods and instruments in the fields of Survey Statistics, Survey Instruments and Survey Operations.

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