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Data Sharing and Re-Use

Research in the area of data sharing addresses the reasons, incentives or disincentives, as well as the conditions for and results of openly available research data. One aspect of this is that primary investigators make their data available for other projects, so that the data can be used more than once.

In addition, the secondary use of available data can be very effective and create valuable new research questions. Another aspect covers research transparency, making it possible to proof scientific insights by inspecting the data both in primary and secondary usage of research data.

Example publications in this research area are :

  • Gherghina S, Katsanidou A. 2013. Data availability in political science journals. European Political Science 12:333–49
  • Katsanidou, Alexia, Laurence Horton, and Uwe Jensen. 2016. "Data Policies, Data Management and the Quality of Academic Writing." International Studies Perspectives online first.
  • Zenk-Möltgen W, Lepthien G. 2014. Data sharing in sociology journals. Online Information Review 38 (6):709–22