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Research Gateway EUROLAB

EUROLAB is a research lab and the gateway to research visits at GESIS. GESIS welcomes visiting researchers and research groups who want to work in one of the GESIS research fields, access our data, and/or collaborate with our experts.

GESIS invites international researchers to apply for an on-site research visit in Cologne or Mannheim to benefit from the wide range of GESIS services. GESIS offers two grant programs: GESIS Grants and EUROLAB Grants. For both programs, applications are accepted once per year. Applications for self-funded stays are accepted all year round.

Details can be found below. For further queries, please contact Research Gateway EUROLAB at eurolab[at]

Please note that, until further notice, visiting researchers are only allowed to work at GESIS if they are either fully vaccinated against or have recovered from COVID-19.

The grant programms are currently being restructured. Further information will follow soon.

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